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Monday 03rd May 2010 AD --- cv/resume added
I uploaded my current cv in word format and in pdf format.
Music : 1997 - "In Your Car"

Saturday 17th April 2010 AD --- sqltohtml.perl added
I wrote a perl script to create a html file based on an sql file.
It's available on the files page.
Music : Carrie Underwood - "Just A Dream"

Tueday 06th April 2010 AD --- wk1-cat.perl released
I wrote a perl script to concatenate wk1 files together into one big wk1 file.
.wk1 is an old spreadsheet format used by sound analyser software. It's just more useful to have all of the sound results in one file.
It's available on the files page.
Music : Katherine McPhee - "It's Not Right"

Monday 05th April 2010 AD --- firefox rightmove.co.uk addon released
I wrote an addon for firefox to tweak the rightmove.co.uk website - which is useful to you if you're looking to buy a house in the UK at the moment...
It's available here : rightmove tweaker
Music : Kate Nash - "Do Wah Doo"

Sunday 04th April 2010 AD --- new programming docs
I wrote some new docs for C/C++ and ASP.net...
Music : Allison Iraheta - "D Is For Dangerous"

Thursday 11th November 2006 AD --- winutil
I made a small utility program for windows...
It's a replacement for the windows "Add/Remove Programs" dialog.
It allows you to uninstall a program or remove the option to uninstall the program (by deleting the uninstall folder for the application from the registry)...
Music : Tammany Hall - "Cindy"

Saturday 01st July 2006 AD --- Try to smile today...
Note: brian really likes kelticat...
That's all...
Music : Stan Bush - "Dare"

Wednesday 27th July 2005 AD --- No news today either...
I have no news.
Here's some fun quotes from things I like instead...

"With all you've been through, how can you be so trusting?"
"I like maralade."
- Becky & Geeker - In Space No One Can Hear You Sneeze - Project Geeker

"A-ha! It's a perfect match... Except for the size, shape and color."
- Geeker - Independence Daze - Project Geeker

"Drowning is my third favourite way to die... But they are all good."
Susie - Misfit Love - The Oblongs

"Now I want to open the floor to a little Q and A..."
"Uhh, this is a public school, they don't understand letters."
Pickles & Principal Davis - Heroine Addict - The Oblongs

Music : Oasis - "Mucky Fingers"

Monday 11th July 2005 AD --- No news today...
I have no news.
Here's some fun quotes from things I like instead...

"Cut her down."
"The girl's a witch."
"Yeah, but she's our witch. *Sound of gun clicking...* So cut her the hell down!"
- Mal - Safe - Firefly

"I might as well become a petty theft like you."
"I didn't mean petty."
"What did you mean?"
"That's chinese for petty."
- Mal & Inara - Firefly

"The avalanche has started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote." - Kosh - Believers - Babylon 5

Music : Mad Caddies - "Bridges"

Friday 03rd March 2005 AD --- More utilities...
I've added some new utilities to the files page. I've got some more to add later next week too.
rename_files, rename_tracks are useful, for me.
Music : Pedro The Lion - "Arizona"

Friday 28th January 2005 AD --- network_test
I've updated network_test (that I added a few days ago without a news update...) so it can connect through a proxy...
Music : Bryan Adams - "East Side Story"

Thursday 30th December 2004 AD --- maze screenshot
flikky_maze - I guess it was a nice idea but it's not very fun for a game...
Music : The Ataris - "Boxcar"

Sunday 28th November 2004 AD --- comics!
Music : Kelly Clarkson - "Since You Been Gone"

Saturday 27th November 2004 AD --- rename_files
I wrote a program called rename_files... It takes a list of filenames in one file, in.txt, and a list of filenames in another file, out.txt, and renames files from in.txt to files from out.txt
Should be useful for renaming lots of files at once.
It's on the files page.
Music : Q And Not U - "A Line In The Sand"

Monday 08th November 2004 AD --- streaming doc
I wrote a doc about streaming various music formats (ogg and mp3)...
Music : Oasis - "Stay Young"

Sunday 10th October 2004 AD --- MP3 vs Ogg
Which is more popular, MP3 or Ogg? mp3vsogg.txt... Apparently, MP3 is still.
Music : Bad Religion - "The Lie"

Tuesday 05th October 2004 AD --- ...
Spencer: Don't tell me you can make a bomb out of chewing gum?
MacGyver: Why've you got some?
(That pesky macgyver keeps moving...)
Music : Green Day - "Time Of Your Life"

Monday 16th August 2004 AD --- ...
The government's leaflet for what to do in an emergency: Note that this was originally just a two step joke, but I got carried away...
1. Don't die...
2. Pay your taxes*
3. Listen to They Might Be Giants.
4. if (alive) goto step 1.
5. Curse step 1 for being so darned difficult.
6. if (evil_count >= 100) goto hell; else goto purgorty;
7. hell:
8. burn();
9. goto hell;
10. purgortry:
11. if (evil_count-- > 0) { sleep(1000); goto purgortry; }
12. heaven:
13. sleep(100);
14. evil_count = 0;
15. goto step 1;

*Pay Fred's taxes too, he's dead you know.
Music : They Might Be Giants - "Snowball In Hell"

Thursday 24th June 2004 AD --- ...
Apparently I was going to make an update here, but never got round to writing in what the update was. So you'll just have to take my word* for it, there was an update.
*Note that I can't remember... So here's a neat TMBG's lyric:
"I love the world, and if I have to sue for custody... I will sue for custody!" - Stand On Your Own Head - They Might Be Giants
Music : Tuuli - "Rockstar Boyfriend"

Tuesday 22th June 2004 AD --- ...
I made a perl script to analyse my music habits according to my webpage: music-habits
It goes through each news update and picks out Music : $band_name - "$song_name" and then tells me what my favourite song/band is by how much I'm listening to them.
Music : Nada Surf - "80 Windows"

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