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Sphere related Docs (v0.90+)

sphere docs

sphere basics
functionsuser defined functions
loopswhile, for loops, etc...
variableshow to use variables
arrayshow to group data together...
objectsuser defined objects
objectmore about using objects

sphere general
introhow to do an intro...
randomhow to make random text
stricthow to make stricter scripts
faqsphere faq

sphere objects
imageshow to draw some pretty pictures
inputinput related
fileshow to use files
animationshow to use animations
networkhow to do network code...

creating a menu
menuhow to use the default sphere menu
flik_menuhow to do pretty much anything with a menu...

javascript related
jshow to use js objects
js-regextext processing tricks
js-exceptionserror handling

2dmathvarious useful math stuff

map related
warphow do I get my character to warp?
talkhow do I get a person to say something?
map-rendermap rendering
eventsevents in RPGs

person related
movementtelling person entities to move
personsvarious tricks using person entities
spritesetvarious tricks using spritesets

sound related
background-musicputting background music into your game

getting started
1stThe first tutorial I ever made for Sphere
2ndThe second tutorial...
3rdThe third...

rpg environment based
dungeonhow to make a dungeon
icecavethe eerie ice cave tutorial
castlecastle tutorial
towntown tutorial
towertower tutorial

game based
cardgamehow to code a card game
dicehow to go about making a dice

custom tutorials
chronoI try to teach chrono some JavaScript

ed-spriteHow to make spritesets using sphere's editor

sphere source-code tutorials
hacking-sphereAdd your own functions/methods/objects to sphere...

C/C++ docs

C/C++ docs
function-typecaststypecasting functions using typedef
sortingsorting in c/c++

scintilla docs

scintilla docs
container lexerwriting a self contained lexer
marginsusing margins
foldingusing code folding

Perl docs

Perl docs
perl-sortSorting in perl

ASP.Net docs

ASP.Net C# docs
Database AccessDatabase Access In ASP.Net using C#

Misc docs

Misc docs
streamingVarious streaming protocols

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