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This section will take me the longest to get up to speed, bare with me please

Sphere:- Sphere is a powerful Role Playing Game Creation Engine, RPGCE.
"It allows people with not much programming experience to create role-playing games like Final Fantasy VI or Phantasy Star." - AegisKnight, the creator of Sphere.

Sphere is in its post-alpha stages of life, so its not quite complete, but as it grows it gets better.
Sphere supports 32bit color and 256 levels of transparency.
It supports bmp, jpeg, pcx and png image types and mp3, ogg, mod, xm, s3m, it, midi, wav sound types.

Events in Sphere can be scripted via a powerful scripting language, JavaScript.
Sphere has several objects built into its scripting, like fonts, images, surfaces, sounds, and JavaScript adds the Math, Date, Array, String and Number objects aswell.

I'm one of Sphere's developer's, so feel free to ask me questions about it.

Sphere can import the following file types:
Image to maps (RMP)
Image to fonts (RFN)
Image to windowstyle (RWS)
Verge Maps / Fonts / Spritesets
RPG Maker (RM2K) chipsets to tilesets (RTS)
RPG Maker (RM2K) charsets to spritesets (RSS)
Windows font to font
Animations (MNG / FLC) to spriteset direction

Sphere can export the following file types:
Maps (RTS) to Image
Fonts (RFN) to Image
Windowstyle (RWS) to Image
Spriteset direction to Animations (MNG)

Sphere is primarily designed as an RPG Maker, yet thanks to it's scripting language all sorts of crazy games have been made.

How to get Sphere
Sphere is available for download on sphere.sf.net's download page. Go there and get it!!

Alternatively, download: sphere-binaries.zip for windows and sphere-linux.zip for mandrake linux

Once downloaded and unzipped. (to unzip it I recommend you download winzip), run the engine executable and play one of the demo games given with Sphere.
Then start using the editor to create your own games like Final Fantasy VI and Phantasy Star.

There are docs for compiling sphere in both sphere-linux.zip and sphere-binaries.zip under docs/linux.txt and docs/build-msvc.txt or docs/build-cygwin.txt
Sphere uses scons to build itself

People trying to compile sphere with Linux should read: sphere/docs/linux.txt

IRC - #sphere
Sphere has a chat room on irc
Server: chocobo.esper.net port: 6999 channel: #sphere

Download a irc client, like mirc for example...
(Or use the irc client included in sphere's editor...
Open the editor, then goto Tools->IRC Client...)

Then simply type the following commands in the status window...
/server chocobo.esper.net
/join #sphere

I hang out in the esper.net channels: #sphere and #bin

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