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Sphere 1.0


Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 18-Feb-2003 | Downloads: 6526
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Sphere 1.13 (no games)

Description: The official release of Sphere version 1.13. Games and DLLs are not included. Please download them separately from the appropriate links.
Version: 1.13 | File size: 903.68 Kb
Added on: 06-Jul-2007 | Downloads: 6385
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Sphere 1.1 (No Games)

Description: Sphere v 1.1
Version: 1.1 | File size: 3.32 MB
Added on: 24-Apr-2003 | Downloads: 6379
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Sphere 1.13 (games)

Description: The games that accompany Sphere version 1.13.
Version: 1.13 | File size: 420.23 Kb
Added on: 06-Jul-2007 | Downloads: 5984
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Sphere 1.13 (required DLLs)

Description: The required DLL files for Sphere version 1.13.
Version: 1.13 | File size: 994.33 Kb
Added on: 06-Jul-2007 | Downloads: 3991
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Wild-Tiger's Sphere Tutorial

Description: A tutorial that I started working on for newbs to sphere. As it's a direct link to my site, I can continue updating it...but, if the filesize is bigger it's not my fault :) Basically it covers all the basics...and I shall have how to do the stuff you want, like make a menu, items and such. Quite long.
Version: | File size: 48 bytes
Added on: 22-Jan-2003 | Downloads: 3751
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Sphere Docs (PDF Format)

Description: This is DN7's documentation in Adobe PDF format. It's CONSIDERABLY smaller than the MSWord version (~400k .pdf vs 1.8M .zip/30M+ .doc), but requires Acrobat Reader to read.

Version: alpha | File size: 384.96 Kb
Added on: 01-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 3002
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Doma Castle Tileset

Description: Complete Doma tileset, every tile is here, even animated water, have fun.
Version: final | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 29-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 2899
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Final Fantasy Crystals

Description: An intro to my Final Fantasy Crystals game. Will update it soon.

Version: 0.1 | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 05-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 2392
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Sphere 0.97

Description: Sphere v. 0.97
Version: 0.97 | File size: 8.40 MB
Added on: 17-Jun-2002 | Downloads: 2314
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Description: Dn7's 100+ page manual for Sphere.
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 15-Nov-2002 | Downloads: 2053
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FF6 Tzen Tileset

Description: All tiles found in Tzen correctly riped exept for maybe 2 or 3 grouped tree tiles, 181 tiles.
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 29-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 2003
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Trout's Spriteset System

Description: Custom spriteset system with improved individual frame control(such as x & y offsets and frame specific branching on keypresses). Main usage is for platform sidescroller or fighting games. Can use unequal sized images. No collision YET. Not for newbies.
Version: 0.80 | File size: 2.04 Kb
Added on: 05-Jul-2002 | Downloads: 1809
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Larium demo

Description: This is the first chapter of the Larium game. Unlike most sphere rpgs, the battle system for this one is like Final Fantasy Tatics, and it should provide at least one hour of playing time. A readme.txt file is included in the zip as well.
Version: 1.0 | File size: 2.47 MB
Added on: 30-Oct-2002 | Downloads: 1734
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RPG (Pretty much untitled)

Description: This is my attempt at getting myself used to sphere again (It's been about 9 months!). And hey, for all you newbies out there, it could come in handy for you to make a menu? It only has items and such so far, but i'm gonna continue working on it, trying to make it a bit newb friendly, if possible...
Version: 0.03 | File size: 11 bytes
Added on: 18-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 1678
Home page | Details


Description: An arcade classic clone of Racer brought to
the Sphere platform.
Grab the flags, avoid the bad cars.
Lay a smokescreen with space.
Its badly written code, but it has code you
could use to create a pac-man game.
(I will eventually clean it up and fill it with
comments, making it accessable to newbies)
It features:
-continous moving of mainchar (nibbly/pacman)
-Grabable, animated objects (made easy!)
-very ugly chase algorithm
-an oldstyle scroll text intro
-highscore example

If you have problems downloading the file, use IExplorer and download it from the webpage
Version: 0.4 | File size: 531.38 Kb
Added on: 08-Mar-2003 | Downloads: 1604
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Season of Sakura

Description: So.. anyway, I created this little game demo for the Sphere compo long, long ago. It got last because everything is ripped.. hehe. It's a port of a hentai game that I really liked. There's no nudity in this, and I included a fighting demo in it too (yes, I know it has a weird flying bug). It should work with every version of Sphere to date because it only uses the image functions and no sprite or map stuff.
Version: 1.0 | File size: 1.03 MB
Added on: 25-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 1553
Home page | Details

Wild-Tiger's Shop Tutorial

Description: A simple shop tutorial, designed to help newbies make something more than "Hello world", and rather a fully working shop. It's been a little simplified for added readability for newbs. Enjoy
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 23-Feb-2004 | Downloads: 1334
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FF6's Variable width font (dialogue)

Description: Nice looking font, got it looking pretty exactly, even added all the stupid charecters like underscore equals "..." and & is a music note. This is the Dialogue font and not the Menu font, expect that soon.
Version: final | File size: 2.50 Kb
Added on: 29-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 1330
Home page | Details

Kefka's Revenge (Demo)

Description: KR, Kefka's Revenge this is a short demo, with some events and techniqle stuff, next release will be seen in a few months (battle system, and menus expected)
Version: the demo | File size: 2.94 MB
Added on: 29-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 1312
Home page | Details

Sphere 0.96b

Description: Sphere v0.96b
Version: 0.96b | File size: 2.05 MB
Added on: 16-Feb-2002 | Downloads: 1309
Home page | Details

flik zelda

Description: An okayish prototype of a zelda game in sphere
Version: | File size: 16.77 Kb
Added on: 29-Mar-2002 | Downloads: 1303
Home page | Details

Death and Mushrooms

Description: In this world, Mario can:

1) Earn "1-ups" from GREEN shrooms.
2) Turn "super" from RED schrooms.
3) "Headbutt" (walk into from the bottom) question boxes to generate shrooms.
4) Be bitten by the koopa and the goomba (if touched on the bottom or sides). Bites will either:
a) Kill Mario (if he is little)
b) Shrink Mario (if he is big)
5) Die and:
a) Return to their Bardo (if any lives are remaining)
b) Leave the game (if lives are out)
6) Kill goombas and koopas by "stepping" on them (touching them from the top). Killed bad guys will return to their Bardo.
Version: 1.0.0 | File size: 109.38 Kb
Added on: 27-Aug-2002 | Downloads: 1295
Home page | Details

STANB Battle System

Description: This is a battle system a guy wanted me to make for him. I got it working after he decided not to make his game, but the battle system is still pretty cool. You use the mouse to target things, SHIFT to switch from search/attack modes, and Left Click to search/attack.
Version: 1 | File size: 85.03 Kb
Added on: 17-Apr-2002 | Downloads: 1195
Home page | Details

aegis' .. weird battle thing

Description: This is aegis' really old battle thing.
Version: | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 30-Mar-2002 | Downloads: 1143
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