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Description: An arcade classic clone of Racer brought to
the Sphere platform.
Grab the flags, avoid the bad cars.
Lay a smokescreen with space.
Its badly written code, but it has code you
could use to create a pac-man game.
(I will eventually clean it up and fill it with
comments, making it accessable to newbies)
It features:
-continous moving of mainchar (nibbly/pacman)
-Grabable, animated objects (made easy!)
-very ugly chase algorithm
-an oldstyle scroll text intro
-highscore example

If you have problems downloading the file, use IExplorer and download it from the webpage
Version: 0.4 | File size: 531.38 Kb
Added on: 08-Mar-2003 | Downloads: 1685
Home page | Details

Kefka's Revenge (Demo)

Description: KR, Kefka's Revenge this is a short demo, with some events and techniqle stuff, next release will be seen in a few months (battle system, and menus expected)
Version: the demo | File size: 2.94 MB
Added on: 29-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 1338
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RPG (Pretty much untitled)

Description: This is my attempt at getting myself used to sphere again (It's been about 9 months!). And hey, for all you newbies out there, it could come in handy for you to make a menu? It only has items and such so far, but i'm gonna continue working on it, trying to make it a bit newb friendly, if possible...
Version: 0.03 | File size: 11 bytes
Added on: 18-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 1703
Home page | Details

Final Fantasy Crystals

Description: An intro to my Final Fantasy Crystals game. Will update it soon.

Version: 0.1 | File size: 0 bytes
Added on: 05-Dec-2002 | Downloads: 2420
Home page | Details

Sonic Lemzek Edition

Description: Just a simple fake 3d sonic game to test the sphere game engine.
Version: 0.62 | File size: 544.22 Kb
Added on: 22-Nov-2002 | Downloads: 922
Home page | Details

Larium demo

Description: This is the first chapter of the Larium game. Unlike most sphere rpgs, the battle system for this one is like Final Fantasy Tatics, and it should provide at least one hour of playing time. A readme.txt file is included in the zip as well.
Version: 1.0 | File size: 2.47 MB
Added on: 30-Oct-2002 | Downloads: 1756
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Description: Kooparoids is an Asteroids clone which borrows the characters from Super Mario Brothers. It is a fully playable Sphere game (with 8 levels), not a cheesy, one-trick demo.
Version: 0.7.0 | File size: 2.66 MB
Added on: 20-Sep-2002 | Downloads: 736
Home page | Details

New Tech Demo: SECTOR Collision Detection with up to 40 Sprites

Description: Uses sectors to cut down on number of collision detection attempts made during each iteration.
Version: 0.7.0 | File size: 10.74 Kb
Added on: 03-Sep-2002 | Downloads: 696
Home page | Details

Sprite Objects and Simple Rectangular Collision Detection

Description: Exposes sprites as objects with speed and direction.

Simple rectangular collision library detects collisions and records aggregate processing required.
Version: 0.7.0 | File size: 15.17 Kb
Added on: 29-Aug-2002 | Downloads: 559
Home page | Details

MarioBros Demo#3: Different Speeds (The Race)

Description: This demo shows several creatures moving at different speeds. A defined UPDATE function changes the positions of various creatures without using the "COMMAND_" system.

The "game" involved is a race from left to right with Koopas, Goombas, MARIO and (introducing) Buzzy the Beetle.
Version: 0.9.0 | File size: 154.30 Kb
Added on: 27-Aug-2002 | Downloads: 831
Home page | Details

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