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My Tutorial

Posted by: Wild-Tiger on Saturday, February 22, 2003 - 03:59 PM
For those who've tried to download Wild-Tiger's (my) sphere tutorial, you would of found out that the link is down. This is due to Ninjy's server stuffing up a while back. But anywho, it's now in Sphere 1.0, under docs/contributed. Enjoy :) Tell me what you think. I want praise! Praise I tells ya!

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Wild-Tiger's Sphere Tutorial

Posted by: Wild-Tiger on Monday, February 03, 2003 - 05:34 PM
I worked for a couple of days on a decent tutorial for newbies. It's grown to about...19 pages or so. I tried to make some of the things you'd want to use for a game, but i've put in basics so that you'll understand everything. Enjoy. ^_^


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