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Sphere 0.97 Released

Posted by: aegis on Jun 18, 2002 - 03:24 AM
Sphere 0.97 is out. See aegisknight.org/sphere for downloads. The full list of changes since 0.96 is below.

Here is the list of changes since 0.96:

  • updated documentation (added missing functions, removed some that didn't exist!)

  • fixed crash if Sphere couldn't find a spriteset (Theo Reed)

  • Audio support in Linux (Theo Reed)

  • fixed map engine memory leaks

  • fixed (BIG) spriteset memory leaks

  • fixed many spriteset loading related crashes

  • fixed GrabImage in sphere_gl

  • reordered command queue processing so warps do not reset a person's direction

  • QueuePersonScript (Theo Reed)

  • SCons build system in Linux

  • added Flik's cool 0.92 compatibility scripts

  • added functionality to make all pixels of a certain color transparent in a font

  • varied new system scripts

  • fixed: when map is zoomed, rescale tileset crashes editor

  • fixed: Importing smaller spriteset crashes SDE

  • added line numbers to the script editor

  • fix for weird timing issue when you have a long intro and then call ChangeMap

  • fix for astie's BlendColorsWeighted() issue (negative weights)

  • use corona for image loading (better BMP support, TGA and GIF support)

  • persons on different layers no longer obstruct each other

  • implemented spriteset.base (base rectangle object)

  • image editor: display current image position in status bar

  • color replace in image editor

  • added SetPersonMask

  • image.createSurface()

  • IsCommandQueueEmpty()

  • added tooltips for main toolbar and palettes

  • autoindent in script editor

  • minor fixes in startup game

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