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Did I mention I hate deadlines?

Posted by: fenix on Jun 30, 2002 - 03:49 AM
Well, as you probably noticed, the competition is over, and of course, a few people missed the deadline. I was one of them, partially because I was lazy, partially because I was stupid, and partially because my laptop's screen broke. Well, here is the game. Enjoy!

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Re: Did I mention I hate deadlines?

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by mikey (-) on Jun 30, 2002 - 05:51 AM
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Mikey starts playing the game directly when finished

Re: Did I mention I hate deadlines?

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by delfrickintree (delfrickintree@yahoo.com) on Jul 01, 2002 - 09:11 PM
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This game is very nice!! It could have easily won the competition if you either submitted it on time or had more time to work on it. I didn't get the battle system so I got killed. The music is excellent too.

Re: Did I mention I hate deadlines?

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by fenix (-) on Jul 01, 2002 - 10:33 PM
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Why thank you, everything in that game except for the maps was made by me, and the idea that enemies blow up when you kill them :P. I guess I could use this game as bait for an artist if they're interested in working for me. Anyone interested?
(I'm also going to post this in the forums, use that to reply)

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