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New sphere game!

Posted by: fenix on Sep 28, 2002 - 07:49 PM
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Well, it's new, but it's not an RPG, and it looks like it belongs in the 80's. It's Ghetto Blaster!
If you'd like to hear the history of this historical game (yes, that is redundant), read more...
Well, Ghetto Blaster originated out of boredom last year in calculus class. I happen to be the proud owner of the TI-82 graphing calculator.
<sarcasm>With a blinding fast cpu and an insane resolution, obviously I was very entertained by the assortment of games for this beast.</sarcasm>
I had no games whatsoever on this blocky, outdated thing. Everyone else was passing by time playing tetris, or blockkid, or super mario brothers, or something; however, I was stuck graphing derivatives after derivatives after eachother and making silly programs which went along the lines of "guess that number between 1 and 10" and such. Something had to be done. So, one day, I decided to make a game which would be both fun, challenging, and a great waste of time.
Thus Ghetto Blaster TI-82 was born. The original Ghetto Blaster was just like it is, but there were no levels, and the points weren't shown until the end. I managed to show my friends how cool this was, and it became an instant hit among those who had low-end graphing calculators (the TI-82 folk). People kept asking me to make changes, add more features and challenges. I accomplished this by adding levels, more randomness to the placement of the enemies, and a high score list.
Being written in TI-82 BASIC, I was amused to find out people had edited the source to make "***** Blaster", "Ghetto Booty", and other such amusing titles by editing the text and graphics accordingly. If you pester me enough, I'll type out the 82BASIC code so you can also enjoy this entertaining game. (The highest score anyone (me) has scored on the calculator version is 61. (Level four with one point). Do realize this is on a screen with text resolution of 16x8. Alright, now that you know the rich history of Ghetto Blaster, you too can enjoy it as much as I have.

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