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Sphere 1.1 released

Posted by: Flik on Apr 24, 2003 - 06:24 PM
Sphere 1.1 is out, the installer can be found here

Along with many editor changes, the main new engine features are default map scripts and being able to manipulate person angles.

The changelog since 1.0 is here:

- added playlist system script
- added more menu items to the Edit Range menu in tile-view and spriteset-view
- changed version number to 1.1

- added SetPersonAngle and GetPersonAngle

- added GetPersonBase (cheap alternative to GetPersonSpriteset(name).base)

- added surface_object.triangle(x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, color)

- rearranged imageview paste menu items into a paste submenu
- added paste->Into Selection
- added SetDefaultMapScript and CallDefaultMapScript

- added a selection tool to the image editor
- Fill->RGB/Alpha/Both, Replace->RGB/Alpha and Scale Alpha all work within the selection now
- added an ellipse tool

- added a adjust brightness to the image editor

- added a resample image to the image editor
- added an "other" slide menu option (so you can specify how much to slide by)
- triggers/persons and zones are now also slided

- fixed ExecuteZones so that it reported errors if there no zones to execute

- made tileset view->zoom simplier and made it update the scrollbar when zooming

- added CallMapScript(SCRIPT)
- clarified documentation for QueuePersonCommand
- made it so that it just does nothing when you resize images/fonts/tile sizes to zero width or height (instead of crashing)

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Sphere 1.1 released

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by Dax (AntiSocial@socialist.co.uk) on Apr 26, 2003 - 08:02 AM
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Looks very nice! I perticualar like the SetPersonAngle command! save me hveint to do it the compliacated way!

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