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RM2k Chipset to Sphere Tileset Converter

Posted by: Théto on Mar 04, 2004 - 08:10 PM
I don't know if anyone ever tried to seriously make a game with imported RM2k (RPGMaker2000) chipsets, if so, you surely noticed that it's almost impossible, because there are many tiles missing which the RM2k map editor puts together of pieces of tiles.

To solve this problem I wrote a converter in PHP.
If you have already PHP (plus GD-Lib) installed, just download http://theto.de/files/rm2rts.txt and rename it to .php.
Then call php rm2rts.php -h to view the help.

Those without PHP installed download the standalone version http://theto.de/files/rm2rts.zip and view readme.txt

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