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Sphere v1.1097

Posted by: Flik on Mar 09, 2004 - 06:21 PM
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I've been delaying sphere v1.2 for so long the version numbers are starting to become silly, but never the-less, here's v1.1097:


The changes from the last obscure version number are listed in the extended text of this article.
These changes are the only from 1.1096 (I think) so read the changelog.txt in the download for more changes if you're using an old version.

You can now change the pitch/pan of a sound in the editor

You can now change the position of a sound in the editor (if the sound is seekable, try it with an ogg file)

added sound.getPosition(), sound.setPosition(pos), sound.getLength() and sound.isSeekable() to the engine

Abort can now be done like Abort("Some error") or Abort("Some messagen");
The n on the end means no file/line info is drawn to the screen

Added File->Options->General File Types page where there's a Open Unknown File Types As Text option
Added AttachPlayerInput/DetachPlayerInput

Added surface.gradientLine surface.gradientRectangle and surface.gradientTriangle functions

GradientLine now draws the colors in the correct order in standard32/16/8 etc

Added Get/SetPersonIgnoreList for telling a certain person to ignore certain other persons

Added Get/SetPersonData (useful for finding out the number of frames in the person's current direction) and storing various data about a person.

Added keyboard tile/image pixel editing keys (Up/Down/Left/Right space for move/place pixel)

Added Get/SetTileSurface

if there's only one game in the games directory, execute that upon startup (so if you want to distibute your game with sphere, you can just not put any other games there)

Added SetLayerScaleFactorX/Y functions

Fix Import Spritesets from RM2K Charset (it was missing the last frame of each direction)

Zoom in/out shortcuts CTRL and + for zoom in and CTRL and - for zoom out

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