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Topic: Sphere Games

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Competition Results Announced!

Posted by: aegis on Saturday, July 06, 2002 - 07:23 PM
I have tallied the votes, and here are the results:

1st Place - Sable (trout) with 199 points.
2nd Place - Race for the Hat (sdhawk/synial) with 145 points.
3rd Place - Flik's Entry (flik) with 138 points.

Thanks for the entries and participating in the voting process!

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Did I mention I hate deadlines?

Posted by: fenix on Sunday, June 30, 2002 - 03:49 AM
Well, as you probably noticed, the competition is over, and of course, a few people missed the deadline. I was one of them, partially because I was lazy, partially because I was stupid, and partially because my laptop's screen broke. Well, here is the game. Enjoy!

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Sphere competition coming up

Posted by: Anonymous on Monday, May 20, 2002 - 03:02 PM
There's an upcoming Sphere competition to celebrate the upcoming release of .97
More info at http://www8.brinkster.com/fenix159/compo/

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Old Sphere Games

Posted by: aegis on Wednesday, April 17, 2002 - 05:37 AM
Apparently I have nearly every game made by the Sphere community on my hard drive... If you have lost a game in the past, drop me a line, and I'll post it on this site. If you want to keep it private, just ask me and I'll send it to you privately. I may just put up a list of games and if nobody responds in a decent amount of time, upload them all.

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New game : Rescue Freddy

Posted by: Flik on Friday, April 05, 2002 - 04:22 PM
Here's a new game called rescue freddy - the object there is clear really... :D
Keys :
Space = talk
M = Menu

Please note... Don't try to kill ghosts using weapons, use a potion or a hex item or cure spell or something that would actually hurt a ghost... :)

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