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Category: Start / sphere related / scripting

Links about using JavaScript, specifically within Sphere.
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Arrays, Object Arrays, and Sorting  Popular

This covers Arrays in general, but then shows how to use the sort method, which can be very very handy in many cases.
Added on: 24-Mar-2002 | hits: 586
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Class Inheritance in JavaScript  Popular

An absolutely wonderfull article on class inheritance, and some of it's Javascript pitfalls and nuances.
Added on: 24-Mar-2002 | hits: 609
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Dn7's Sphere Scripts  Popular

This site contains some Sphere scripts and Sphere docs.
Added on: 16-Jun-2002 | hits: 741
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Flik's Sphere Docs  Popular

Absolutely great documents which cover some sphere specifics, including networkings. Must read.
Added on: 24-Mar-2002 | hits: 780
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JavaScript Language References  Popular

The ECMCAScript standards themselves. These have all of the info but are presented as a reference aimed at the higher level people. If you need to check exacts about anything, this is your source.
Added on: 24-Mar-2002 | hits: 885
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JavaScript Scripting Resources @ mozilla.org  Popular

A great collection of links for any skill level.
Added on: 24-Mar-2002 | hits: 584
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JavaScript Text, String, and Number articles 

These documents cover alot of number/string methods and some of the Math objects' properties. Ignore the ones that use their random number script and the one for scrolling text. They're not very applicable.
Added on: 24-Mar-2002 | hits: 471
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Text Strings and String Objects 

Interesting document on the difference between string objects and text data.
Added on: 24-Mar-2002 | hits: 450
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